Your home is your most valuable possession.Asphalt Shingle Roof Inspection

You most likely have an expensive alarm system or a ferocious dog to help protect it. You clean it, provide small fix-its' and repairs when you see them. You do your overall best to ensure your home remains in peak condition for a long, long time.

What's above your home is no different.

Your roof bears the brunt of elements that attack your home. The 100 degree days throughout the summer. The ice and snow during the winter months. And the untold amounts of rain and hail that pound the state of Texas every spring. Most homeowners have no idea what their roof looks like, aside from what they see as they pull into their garage at the end of every day. Small cracks develop over time & a rusty nail pops up here and there. Maybe the ice worked it's way into your chimney flashing and expanded, leaving a potential opening when it melted away in the warmer temperatures. All of these are potential points of entry for the inevitable downpour of water we all know is coming in the spring.

What is a General Roof Maintenance?

GRM is the identification and repair of any small imperfections that arise over time. Walking the entirety of the roof and locating these potential problem spots. Addressing these issues before they mature into full blown leaks can save you thousands of dollars and extend the life of your roof by up to 5 years. And it's not just the 5 or 7 year old roofs that need a little TLC to perform their best. Roofs as little as a year old might require a little touch up here and there.

Your roof can cost as much as a used car and provides protection for everything you own. Don't you think it's worth the time and money to make sure it is up to the task?